Why You Should Use HealthTap

If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable and accessible alternative to traditional doctor’s offices, then HealthTap may be right for you. It offers a wide range of helpful features and tools that provide personalized medical information from real doctors.

The company also offers 24/7 access to board-certified doctors through text and video chat. Members can ask questions and receive prescriptions from these physicians.

Free medical answers from real doctors

HealthTap members are able to submit general health questions and get free informational answers from real doctors. The questions are submitted anonymously and the information is provided without requiring an appointment.

The company serves tens of millions of consumers online and provides thousands of doctor visits each year. They also offer a free app to help you manage your health and a service that allows you to pay for urgent care with a doctor by text, video or phone call.

24/7 access to board-certified doctors

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual healthcare provider that provides primary care and urgent care to people who don’t have insurance. You can get an appointment with a HealthTap doctor through text or video for low prices.

The doctors on HealthTap are board-certified, and they have an active medical license. They also provide a variety of services, including treatment plans, prescriptions, and lab tests.

Besides live consultations, HealthTap also offers a library of questions asked by members that are answered by doctors. Its experts also use AI to help you determine the cause of your symptoms.

Low wait times

Whether it’s a doctor-ordered prescription, lab test results, or referrals to specialists, HealthTap members have access to the services they need from a single dashboard.

As a result, wait times are low for members who can get a response from a doctor in minutes rather than hours or days. Moreover, HealthTap members can get answers to their medical questions from any device (desktop or mobile) via video, voice, and text chat.

Founded by Ron Gutman, a former Stanford graduate student who saw low patient engagement as a problem, HealthTap aims to boost patient engagement and improve medical outcomes. It’s also a way for employers and insurers to cut costs by avoiding unnecessary visits and hospitalizations.

Affordable medication

One of the most appealing aspects of HealthTap is its ability to provide a range of affordable medication options. This is mainly due to the fact that doctors on HealthTap will prescribe generic drugs instead of brand name ones, which are often much more expensive.

Users can also use HealthTap’s AI-powered symptom checker, which helps members determine if they need to see a doctor. It offers explanations of the potential causes of symptoms and advice on what to do next.

Patients can also submit anonymous questions to HealthTap doctors to receive a free response within 24 hours. This is not an appointment-based service, and there is no guarantee that a doctor will answer any questions.

Personalized care

HealthTap delivers personalized care to patients through its augmented intelligence system that guides members to the medical assistance they need. This helps reduce health inequities and costs while saving both time and money for doctors.

Users can also use an AI-powered symptom checker to help them figure out the source of their symptoms. This may save them from visiting an emergency room or paying a lot of money on unnecessary visits to urgent care clinics.

Lastly, customers can get prescriptions through the platform and have them sent to their local pharmacy or receive them at home. This may be helpful for some users who don’t have the money to buy brand-name meds.

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